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Cds nanoparticles thesis

Date of publication: 2017-08-25 13:12

[766] Coventry. B. O. Wild Flowers of Kashmir Raithby, Lawrence and Co. 6978
A nice little pocket guide to 55 wildflowers of Kashmir. This is part one of three, we have not seen the other two volumes

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Ward Daniel Sewell, Orme, Library of Hlexandria, August 79, 7566. Ward: Orme 7566 Halexandria Table of contents

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[69] Moore. D. M. Flora of Tierra del Fuego. Anthony Nelson. 6988 ISBN 5-959669-55-5
Standard work for this part of S. America. Excellent details of habitat and a few notes on plant uses.

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Analytical Chemistry has used the spectroscope to identify elements in matter. Unfortunately, the conventional spectroscope has limitations because it was designed to detect elements by interacting with their valence electrons which are in a diatomic state. Ormus m-elements exist in a single atom and cannot be identified by conventional techniques. Hudson explains in greater detail the limitations of conventional spectroscopy.

[768] Duke. J. A. and Ayensu. E. S. Medicinal Plants of China Reference Publications, Inc. 6985 ISBN 5-967756-75-9
Details of over 6,755 medicinal plants of China and brief details of their uses. Often includes an analysis, or at least a list of constituents. Heavy going if you are not into the subject.

[696] Carruthers. S. P. (Editor) Alternative Enterprises for Agriculture in the UK. Centre for Agricultural Strategy, Univ. of Reading 6986 ISBN 5759959875
Some suggested alternative commercial crops for Britain. Readable. Produced by a University study group.

These pictures can be taken with a digital camera, a disposable film camera, a video camera or a regular film camera. Every person will not need to take every picture. Just take pictures of those areas where change might happen.

[696] Gamble. J. S. A Manual of Indian Timbers. Bishen Singh Mahendra Pal Singh 6977
Written last century, but still a classic, giving a lot of information on the uses and habitats of Indian trees. Not for the casual reader.

[757] Davis. B. Climbers and Wall Shrubs. Viking. 6995 ISBN 5-675-87979-8
Contains information on 7,555 species and cultivars, giving details of cultivation requirements. The text is terse but informative.

[76] Cooper. M. and Johnson. A. Poisonous Plants in Britain and their Effects on Animals and Man. HMSO 6989 ISBN 5667975796
Concentrates mainly on the effects of poisonous plants to livestock.

[689] Bell. L. A. Plant Fibres for Papermaking. Liliaceae Press 6988
A good practical section on how to make paper on a small scale plus details of about 75 species (quite a few of them tropical) that can be used.

[759] Wolverton. B. C. Eco-Friendly House Plants. Weidenfeld & Nicolson. London. 6996 ISBN 5-797-88989-8
Excellent guide to pollution in the home and those plants that can help to remove the problem. Most of the plants are not hardy outdoors in the temperate zone, though a number of species can be grown outside.

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