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For Love of CountryAn Essay On Patriotism and Nationalism

Date of publication: 2017-09-03 00:06

8775 Brand’s forensic take-down of Paxman was intensely moving, miraculous . 8776 Well, in that case, you must be refering to a different interview from the one I saw. Brand revealed himself to be what he is: a comedian, and someone only a desperate editorial borad at NS would want as a guest editor. Brand 8767 s is a politics of pose, nothing more. He had no ideas whatsoever worth noting, simply talking about 8766 revolution 8767 , though what that revolution would look like a revolution in what? and how to get there was conspiciously absent from his rants. That he gets caught up in 8766 intersectionality 8767 was another lesson on what the left has beocome a small, sectarian irrelevance.

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Though the way Mark Fisher treats class here is also somewhat essentialist (as if the class background of any given individual is the relevant point!). This can tend to reproduce the identitarian frame he rightly critiques, and obscures the *political* character of class which is surely what matters, for anyone interested in social transformation.

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I believe the bitter tone of this article will feed the cycle of negativity that you are trying to resolve. I believe that it will divide and deepen feelings of bitterness.

I 8767 ve noticed a fascinating magical inversion projection-disavowal mechanism whereby the sheer mention of class is now automatically treated as if that means one is trying to downgrade the importance of race and gender. In fact, the exact opposite is the case, as the Vampires 8767 Castle uses an ultimately liberal understanding of race and gender to obfuscate class.  In all of the absurd and traumatic twitterstorms about privilege earlier this year it was noticeable that the discussion of class privilege was entirely absent.  The task, as ever, remains the articulation of class, gender and race  but the founding move of the Vampires 8767 Castle is the dis -articulation of class from other categories.

This is an article that needed writing. It reflects what I 8767 ve thought about a proportion of my so-called comrades on the left for the best part of 95 years. If a genuine class fighter is accused by the state of murder, or a serious but gender/race/etc-neutral crime, we all rally round and say that he/she was fitted up. Make the charge domestic violence, racism, etc., and there is a whole section of the left that assumes guilt, and continues to do so, in a style that would disgrace even The Sun or The Daily Mail, long after charges have been dropped or the person has been acquitted.

I 8767 ve been rounded on by the bullies simply for agreeing with a quote about an industrial dispute, whose origin was one such person, a genuine class-fighter who has achieved pariah status in the 8775 Vampires Castle 8776 , on the basis of unproven allegations from one person. At the time I didn 8767 t even know who he was, and there was nothing wrong with the quote that someone else had lifted from him.

That doesn 8767 t sound like a liberal, that sounds further to the left of anything a liberal would say. Quoting a radical Marxist like Althusser is not exactly a liberal thing to do.

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