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For public versus private issue above, I 8767 m left wondering if this distinction is important in the design of macOS apps. Did I break something? And why do some of the instance variables work OK as private ?

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68. (a): A natural resource qualifies as a renewable resource if it is replenished by natural processes at a rate comparable to its rate of consumption by humans or other users. Biomass, in the energy production industry, refers to living and recently dead biological material which can be used as fuel or for industrial production.

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Episteme - [from Wolfreys - see General Resources below] - Michel Foucault employs the idea of episteme to indicate a particular group of knowledges and discourses which operate in concert as the dominant discourses in any given historical period. He also identifies epistemic breaks, radical shifts in the varieties and deployments of knowledge for ideological purposes, which take place from period to period

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Transactional analysis - a concept developed by Louise Rosenblatt asserting that meaning is produced in a transaction of a reader with a text. As an approach, then, the critic would consider how the reader interprets the text as well as how the text produces a response in her (Dobie 687 - see General Resources below).

697. The population of an insect species shows an explosive increase in numbers during rainy season followed by its disappearance at the end of the season. What does this show?

75. (b): Microorganisms (bacteria and mould) are decomposers of the ecosystem. They feed upon dead decaying organisms (both plant and animals) and break them into simpler compounds. These are released free in the atmosphere and are utilized by producers for the synthesis of their food materials. They are called nature 8767 s scavengers as they are consumers of dead matter.

- a planning and commissioning framework which brings together agencies ' planning, supported as appropriate by the pooling of resources, and ensures key priorities are identified and addressed and

96. (b): Bhopal gas tragedy occurred on 8 Dec 6989 in which a storage tank containing 86 tonnes of methyl isocyanate (MIC) burst in pesticide manufacturing plant of Union Carbide in Bhopal. MIC is one of the deadliest toxins which when inhaled even in very small dose can kill the animal. It is highly irritating to skin, eyes or mucus membrane and causes death by lung oedema. It is also a carcinogenic agent.

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