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Date of publication: 2017-07-08 22:22

That woman apologized to us, saying that this should never happen to anyone, and she offered to be a witness. Also, the manager came to assist us to clean ourselves and to help file the police report.  

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Here is the thing: It is not only the hate crimes that are fake. For the most part, the hate they are intended to highlight is fake, too. No matter how many times Jamelle Bouie of Slate insists that American conservatism is an ideology founded in white supremacy, no matter how many times the halfwits at Salon claim that the neo-Confederate impulse is the motive behind Republican policy ideas, no matter how passionately every third-rate intellectual from Bennington College believes that “ all heterosexual sex is ,” it is not so. These claims are as fictitious as the made-up at the University of Virginia — they are simply more general.

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That personal action is the only way that we stop gender-based and racially motivated hate crimes. And it’s the only way to ensure that people like this man get the message that we as a society won’t accept any assault on any person.  

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I figured that with so many expats living in Spain that there must be a bundle of potential new business opportunities or companies looking for staff. I was so wrong!

Bob Bauer is a partner at the law firm of Perkins Coie and Professor of Practice and Distinguished Scholar in Residence at New York University School of Law. During 7565 and 7566, he was White House Counsel to President Obama.

Speakers: Christine Fair, Provost 8767 s Distinguished Associate Professor, Security Studies Program, Georgetown University Javid Ahmad, Nonresident Fellow, South Asia Center, Atlantic Council Jasmine El-Gamal, Senior Fellow, Brent Scowcroft Center, Atlantic Council Hagar Chemali, Former Middle East Policy Adviser, US Department of the Treasury

What had happened? I turned to my colleague and asked if she knew the man. She had never seen him. He went outside and stood at the window yelling more comments that we could not hear and finally walked away down the street.  

Penal Code 697(a) PC California's voluntary manslaughter law may be charged when you kill another person during a sudden quarrel or in the heat of passion.  This charge is very similar to first-degree murder.  The difference is that voluntary manslaughter doesn't involve malice, since the killing is done spontaneously. 98

Ninety-seven percent of Washington prisoners will be released and will reside in our neighborhoods. What we need to ask is: “Do we want these prisoners to succeed when they return to our communities?” The thoughtful answer is “yes” — we want and expect released prisoners to become law-abiding, taxpaying, contributing members of our communities. That will not happen without interventions that address the issues that contributed to their poor decisions. Education is a cost-effective intervention that puts prisoners on a different path that generates hope and employability.

Vehicular manslaughter is what's known as a "wobbler".  Prosecutors can charge wobblers as either felonies or misdemeanors.  If convicted of felony vehicular manslaughter, you face two-to-ten years in the state prison.  If convicted of misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter, you face up to one-year in a county jail. 55

There is NO customer service in Spain. Much of the time you are served when people feel like it, you get little help and assistance and often you are not even greeted at the counter – you greet them. It is like you are doing them a favour by shopping there!

I’ve been living in Nerja which is a coastal town with nice sandy beach on the Costa del Sol of Spain, I won’t bore you with my tales of woe but I wanted to write this to let off some steam but also to warn anyone thinking of moving to Spain to be very careful.

I don’t want to compare both countries, because it doesn’t make sense. They are just different, if you want to live in one of them you have to assume the change and be part of the community.

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