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I can kind of see where he s coming from, but I also think he s off-base. As a former English major, I went through a TON of similar bashing. After all, even my professors questioned my motives with this economy and all to go where I went. And sure, my first job teaching didn t work out so well, but I m now working in a field where my skills at reading, analyzing, and interpreting rhetoric in my everyday job coming in very handy. Also, I am applying for instructional opportunities at our company, so my training in teaching will go to a good use as well.

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My degree is in Communications and it is NOT useless. I graduated during the recession and have never had any trouble finding a job (on my own, sans nepotism & networking, even!). Anyone who says Communications is a fluff degree is clearly making an ignorant statement. We need communicators in EVERY industry.
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For me, it 8767 s very, very hard to develop or allow to develop any feelings about a person who shares practically zero of him/herself . a therapist except as related to their listening skills, talking skills, and wisdom/off-the-mark-ness of their interpretations. Not til they share something of their hearts and lives. Other than that, since I know nothing about them, why guess, when guessing makes an ass out of me, and prejudice is obviously not a positive value.

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It didn't take long before her subject-matter skills were as good as her customer-service skills, which made her a gift from God to her customers: within a wide range of problem space, they would rather pay her to "figure something out" than hire somebody else who already knew how. It wasn't until later in my career that I found this out for myself.

Hi Dear, i come from Cambodia. i want say this website is very cool. anyway i just want to ask u that : is it a good idea if we try to say in my language heart first and then translate to English for say in public.

. Referring to Jon who is worried about the bashing of the word 8775 have got 8776 with his choice of words: 8775 she is got a big nose 8776 . I do not think Jon should be worried anymore since he has just made Aaron 8767 s point of view very clearly, that when we mix a verb in the present and a verb in the past, no matter what the verb is, it will always come out like: 8775 I have ate a pizza 8776 and 8775 I have saw a car 8776 , and 8775 She is got a big nose 8776 .

There were strikes in various cities in the 6895s, more militant than those early New England "turnouts," but mostly unsuccessful. A succession of strikes in the Allegheny mills near Pittsburgh demanded a shorter workday. Several times in those strikes, women armed with sticks and stones broke through the wooden gates of a textile mill and stopped the looms.

His posting shows tremendous ignorance or just simply trolling to rasie a stink and get more traffic to his site. I for one am not going to bump his statistics.
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Dear Joseph. Thankyou so much for your detailed response. That very much makes sense in terms of my experiences. I am deeply grateful for you continuing to model the process on this blog.

For instance, if you've been a Visual Basic programmer for a long time and are invited to consider an project on the web, this may be a stretch for you technically. If this is an area that you see yourself wanting to branch into, tell the customer you will get up to speed on your own time and may even offer a discount to make your services more attractive.

Ah, I got you. I 8767 ve shifted to a yes mentality as well unless I genuinely don 8767 t want to go or if there are other obligations. Laziness is no longer a valid reason.

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