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That *looks* right to me, where 8775 The finance and procurement manager assumed 8776 just doesn 8767 t. Am I falling into the 8775 everything should be capped 8776 trap?

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The Chicago Manual of Style acknowledges that some spelled-out terms that should not be capitalized in normal prose are often capitalized on business cards and other promotional items. We recommend that you find out if your company has specific business card guidelines and choose a style that is consistent with others in the company.

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Rule 7 in our 8775 Capitalization 8776 section states, 8775 Capitalize a proper noun. 8776 If you are referring to a specific school, such as Western Illinois University, you would capitalize it. The same rule applies to words like college, high school, etc. Also, unless you are referring to a specific course at the university (such as Algebra 7), do not capitalize the name of a subject.

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How do we ensure that the solutions we create can be implemented by teachers? Answer: the Curriculum Team. Meet the former educators and practitioners working at Turnitin.

Twin studies provide geneticists with a kind of natural experiment in which the behavioral likeness of identical twins (whose genetic relatedness is ) can be compared with the resemblance of dizygotic twins (whose genetic relatedness is ).

Ex. 5: The compulsory Level 7, is designed to encourage and prepare gymnasts for the transition from compulsory to optional routines at an appropriate age by providing skill direction and combinations that can be used as the basis for entry level optional routines.

Introducing a carbon tax as a potential solution to the air pollution problem works this way. A tax is levied on the carbon content of fuels that are used, offering a potentially cost-effective means of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This Pigouvian tax (., a levy on activities that generate negative social costs) penalizes producers of greenhouse gases who do not pay the full social costs of their actions. Simply put, the tax on emitting pollution is based on the carbon content of the fuel used in the particular manufacturing process.

The StarMix High Level can optionally be sheeted and clad to customers' requirements, making the plant suitable for environmentally sensitive locations.

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