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Date of publication: 2017-08-24 04:28

Meanwhile, for the next weeks and months, Democrats have nowhere to go. I understand that Maxine Waters wants to get moving on impeachment right away, but Maxine Waters is an embarrassing buffoon and has been for my entire adult lifetime. She was probably a buffoon in my adolescence, too, I just didn’t know who she was until my early twenties, when Kerosene Maxine started referring to the LA Riots as the “LA Rebellion” and accused the CIA of running drugs in South Central.

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We are also trying to fend off a lawsuit from the director of Heat and the creator of Miami Vice  . . . What’s that? Oh, sorry. It’s the other Michael Mann.

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Rudy Giuliani transformed New York, literally saving the city. But he wasn’t really that conservative. He was pro-choice, pro-gay rights, and pro-immigration. That didn’t stop his enemies from calling him a fascist and extremist. Remember, these were the days when you were considered a right-winger if you thought porn theaters were a blight and that drug-addled homeless slubberdegullions terrifying old ladies and small children were merely exercising their civil rights. Giuliani was a bit authoritarian, but he needed to be to fight the Democratic machine, the media, and the remora-like lawyers, racial-hucksters, and bureaucrats that were running the city into the ground.

Hey all! I didn 8767 t even know this site existed, but while doing a little research for quotes for a new story I 8767 m writing, I stumbled upon it. Really, I loved all the quotes and quite a few that were in the comments section here. I have a few to add that I 8767 m sure no one has heard before unless they were in my ninth grade biology class lol.

Ian Tuttle and David French both wrote excellent pieces for NRO yesterday, and I agree with both of them for the most part. David’s point that celebrity conservatism is swamping intellectual conservatism is particularly well-taken.

An adviser to President George W. Bush once remarked to me that a lot of people thought Republicans backed Bush because of the Iraq war, when in reality Republicans backed the Iraq war because of Bush. In the absence of detailed and deep convictions on a foreign-policy issue, voters will side with the politicians whose side they usually take.

8776 God always has a better plan. If something bad has happened , it is surely a sign that something good will come out of it in the future. 8776

In other words, if this is all that we have in store for Bashar al-Assad, President Trump’s dismayed anti-interventionists don’t have that much to worry about and interventionists have less to celebrate than think (more about them in a moment). Assad can go on killing women and children — he will simply have to use less efficient and more conventional weapons to do it. What a massive moral victory for the West!

One senior Trump aide said that Bannon was also frustrated with Kushner “continuing to bring in [Obamacare architect] Zeke Emanuel to discuss health care options,” for instance. The aide said Emanuel has had three White House meetings, including one with Trump.

Hey i 8767 ve been reading alot of quotes and i came up with one of my own,
8775 When you take a look at yourself, your either happy with who you are, or sad with who you are, but why cant we every be happy with who we are not? 8776
if this is already a quote, please let me know.

I used one of your quotes from this article for my blog you 8767 ve got an excellent site here. I made reference to this site and you in it. Thanks for posting and good luck!

Excellent list- thanks for posting. I am a 8775 quote person 8776 too and this list was one of the best I 8767 ve seen! Definitely a bookmark for me.

788 The client has not signed the IB Basic Agreement and there is no valid Data Sharing Notification in the client s file and a foreign law governed trading agreement has been terminated but the termination only becomes effective after the Closing. Der Kunde hat das IB Basisdokument nicht unterzeichnet und es liegt keine gü ltige Data Sharing Notification im Kundendossier vor und der Trading Vertrag, welcher auslä ndischem Recht unterstellt ist, wurde gekü ndigt, wobei jedoch die Kü ndigung erst nach dem VOLLZUG rechtskrä ftig wird. The transfer of such contracts has been notified to the relevant client prior to Closing. Die Ü bertragung solcher Verträ ge wurde dem betreffenden Kunden vor dem VOLLZUG angezeigt /897

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