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Date of publication: 2017-09-06 00:06

8775 At Lake State, I was able to receive personalized instruction in my classes. I developed a reading and critique style under the close tutelage of three main professors. Being in the Honors Program was also beneficial to me because it allowed me to take classes with professors I otherwise wouldn 8767 t have and hear perspectives from students with different majors. Taking honors classes like 8775 Big Data 8776 and 8775 Abnormal Psychology in Film and Memoir 8776 allowed me to find where other fields touch literature or how I can approach other fields from a literary lens. The English Club was a place where I met some of my best friends. 8776

Photo essay: Sailboats pepper Lake Superior | Duluth News

Our English Education programs are built around the concept that an English teacher 8767 s first and foremost goal must be to encourage a lifelong love of reading and writing in students. To this end, we offer fun, 76st century classes like our new course in Visual Texts, in which students study graphic novels and film and other texts that will inspire their future students.

Isle Royale Lake Superior photo essay - Traveling Ted

Once we were loaded aboard, it was three and half hours across the lake. Fortunately, the waves were gentle on my cruise both coming and going. I met a couple who were on the ferry the day after I arrived and they referred to the boat as the barf boat as many people got sick due to six feet swells.

‘Lake Superior’ by Lorine Niedecker | Coldfront

Gorgeous collection of shots here that really make this an excellent photo essay of Lake Superior. I really love photo essays because images can speak more than a 6555 words as they really capture your imagination and you ponder seeing those gorgeous waterfalls (at least I do!) and other stunning natural landscapes in the region.
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Lake Superior Writers was an outgrowth of the Depot Outreach Program of the mid-6995s. When Depot Outreach lost its funding, area writers worked together and filed to become Lake Superior Writers in 6998. We are a 556(c)8 organization.

Wow, this place really is beautiful. I wasn 8767 t expecting the ferry ride to be so long though. I hope the seas are calm when I make the visit.
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“The faculty in the LSSU English program are real people, not ivory tower academics. Yet they possess the credentials, experience, and talents necessary to help you develop your potential.”

Once you land you are never far from the lake. Even if you hike the Greenstone Trail down the center of the island, you will get peaks here and there of Gitche Gumee from every high point or observation tower. If you are smart, you will divert off this trail from time to time and hit some of the wonderful Lake Superior Campgrounds like Three Mile, Lane’s Cove, McCargoe’s Cove, and Todd and Little Todd Harbor.

The study of English prepares you to communicate effectively, to understand the history and power of words, to think critically and creatively, and to recognize and balance several points of view. It provides you a better understanding of human nature, your community, and your place in the world. The writing and critical thinking skills developed in English coursework will make you competitive in many fields.

LSSU offers a student-oriented approach to higher education. Our small class size, experienced faculty and the ability to pursue your educational dreams close to home are what the LSSU regional centers are all about. We are here for you – our students.

Our language arts students complete an annual service-learning project in which students design and sponsor a creative writing events for regional elementary school students. Every entry that is entered into the contest is featured at a publication party at the public library, in addition to being considered for our annual writers anthology.  You can read about recent winners in the Soo Evening News.

I didn 8767 t realize there isn 8767 t much space to camp in Holland, but I guess it makes sense! If you ever get the chance to visit the Lake Superior area, we would definitely recommend it it 8767 s gorgeous and there are a lot of fun things to do! Hope you enjoyed Niagara on the Lake and Toronto we love that area too 🙂
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Thanks! Hope you have a great time exploring! 🙂 It 8767 s a really pretty area!
Jenna Kvidt recently posted Alpine Slide and Mountain Tram at Lutsen Mountains

Thank you! I always love the misty fog over the lake as well it definitely adds another element to the look of the area!
Jenna Kvidt recently posted Alpine Slide and Mountain Tram at Lutsen Mountains

In 7565 and 7566, well-attended events were held over the Valentines weekend. Both were catered by New Scenic Café and featured silent auctions. The 7566 event, dubbed “Love Letters Gala,” offered guests the opportunity to commission poems that were then presented and read during the event.

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