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Date of publication: 2017-08-23 18:39

Hey Brother where ever the world you are! I am currently in the exact (identical) status of PhD as you were 6 months before your completion. Your story motivated me and given me light to come out of the stressed pissed whole I am living in thanks. I ll keep you posted in six months how I progressed.!!

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thx a lot ,good advice to us, i have dream, one day i will get my phd or doctorat, iam i man ,but i believe, i have only degree in business management. ok thx God bless u.


Dear James,
I really like your article in fact I 8767 ve been coming back to your blog a few times now just to remind myself I can do it. Thanks. Would like to ask for your opinion. Is it possible to write a good thesis if the results were negative? Not everything negative: first half of my research was good but the second half did not produce any result. I had to stop trying because it took too long and my supervisor asked me to write first to see how strong my thesis will be. I always feel uncertain about whether I could produce a good thesis based on negative result or not, and this has made me very unmotivated to write up. Thanks in advance.


Ohm told me that after Hodgkinson&rsquo s article alerted him and other LAP Lambert management that their editors were using stock photos, they were instructed to immediately discontinue the practice and haven&rsquo t done it since. His explanation for the strange pattern is benign. &ldquo I know that not all editors, especially females, want to have their picture on Facebook,&rdquo he said. &ldquo This is especially a matter in some of our sites for example, Mauritius where we have Muslim and Hindu employees.&rdquo

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I am in my first year of my PhD. and have been stressed on coming up with my dissertation topic. I have submitted several for approval but no luck. Working full time as a teacher, with three children this one task has taken me a three weeks! I am still not pleased with my topic, but getting depressed and stressed about choosing one that will be 655% accepted.
Any suggestions?

Just a thought You could use pdf instead of eps for the images. I never used eps, because i usually save my images in pdf anyway and didn 8767 t want to convert them just for Latex, so i just used the package for pdf images. If you have the images in word you can easily turn them into pdf and usually the quality is good (great if u have adobe professional, but ok with other free / less expensive software too). I found that to be the best way to use images in my thesis. Images in bmp were never clear enough, especially if i used them at only a percentage of the column width, and since i had tons of composite images i usually had to use *\columnwidth. I never had that problem with pdf figures, they always looked great.

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I keep coming to your webpage to find motivation. I am in my writing phase and my SV keep asking me to do more experiments. Honestly I think I have enough data and honestly I know what my SV asks me to do is only going to benefit my thesis. However I lack the motivation to go back to the lab and do more work. Worst, I also lose my motivation to write because of this. At the start I was really motivated to write my PhD off. Could you give me a piece of advice on how to overcome this. I really appreciate it. Thank you.

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