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Date of publication: 2017-08-27 17:33

Using headphones and ear buds can cause people to lose their hearing over time. Likewise, straining your eyes looking at computer and device screens can cause people to need glasses much earlier in life.

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Over the years, there have been a lot of research on alcohol and cigarette ads and their effect on children. More recently, there have been more subtle marketing strategies with the placement of certain products in films and TV shows. Studies show that advertisements can push unhealthy behaviors in children and adolescents. They also show that it is becoming increasingly difficult to protect them as companies market their products by exploiting the Internet and social media.

Double Negative Visual Effects

TV shows aimed at children and adolescents are not only educational but also inspiring. Educational TV programs encourage children to try new things. For example, a TV show about creative fun can inspire a child to try something new with clay, paints or paper. Likewise, a documentary about famous scientists, artists and other public figures can also inspire them to do good deeds or achieve something big in life.

The negative effects of Disney on children | The Sundial

Overuse of technology can also affect a child’s own mood.  A report from the United Kingdom revealed that kids who use computer games and their home Internet for more than four hours do not have the same sense of wellbeing as those who used that technology for less than an hour.  One expert explained that with less physical contact, children might have difficulty developing social skills and emotional reactions.

So the four things which you can do to boost your brain functioning are: reading, meditating, learning another language and exercising. All of these activities are known to be very beneficial for the brain, especially the frontal lobe which tends to be most affected by watching television.

Watching TV is something which virtually everyone does. But did you know that TV can actually be harmful to you? Television viewing can, for example, increase your risk of premature death, reduce your level of intelligence, completely obliterate your ability to concentrate, physically impair the growing child brain, and increase your risk of developing neurodegenerative brain disorders. To top if off, TV is also addictive!

After people lose empathy and are accustomed to violence, it becomes the social norm. Teenage girls are videoing themselves violently beating another girl the number of school shootings are rising and videos of people attacking homeless people are a few examples of violent behavior caused by media.

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One of the main reasons why we so readily believe what television is showing us is the fact that we prefer ignorance over knowledge, because, as the saying goes, 8775 ignorance is bliss. 8776 Searching to know the truth requires effort, and so we prefer to let the evening news do all the search for us. In this way, we don 8767 t need to do anything: no effort, nothing to worry about. We choose the easy way, but by doing so, we also choose to accept a distorted view of reality.

At the age of 67/68 I went to high school, VWO, and suddenly I didn 8767 t ace everything, but I didn 8767 t bother to learn properly and failed the 9th year(out of 6). It didn 8767 t flick a switch and I failed again, thus I was expelled.

Hi Pamela,
i get what you are saying about technology being bad and all sometimes i forget things when i have been on my phone for too long but seriously you are telling us that being on our phones/technology is bad. You wrote a giant article about why its bad people who don 8767 t read fast could take forever on this which you say is bad. otherwise i totally get your reasoning and i agree with you.

Crucially, TV viewing results in the frontal lobe region of the brain becoming underdeveloped through disuse. This is important because the frontal lobe deals with impulse control.

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