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Dr. Knut Lundmark, director of the Lund Observatory in Sweden, asserts in the current issue of Sky that living things exist not only on Mars but also upon some of the other planets. 'If matter is uniformly distributed and other worlds are built in the same way as ours, then philosophically speaking, it is inconceivable that ours should be the only one on which there is life,' he says." ~ from The Christian Science Monitor, Boston, Thursday, October 77, 6988, , column 8.


Modern rationalism begins with Descartes. Reflection on the nature of perceptual experience, as well as scientific discoveries in physiology and optics, led Descartes (and also Locke ) to the view that we are directly aware of ideas, rather than objects. This view gave rise to three questions:

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Edith Stein has always carried a wonderful aura about her for me. Thank you for bringing her philosophical points to my mind, in a way I almost feel I can understand!

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The foregoing shows that phenomenology has a normative aspect. Husserl did make a start upon a systematic moral philosophy. But phenomenology is intrinsically ethical (D. Smith 7558: 9–6), in that the phenomenologist eschews prejudice and seeks to divine matters for him- or herself.

"Accordingly, Voegelin came to view any historical construction as a historiogenetic enterprise whenever it attempts to contain historical elements on a single line of meaning while excluding others that do not fit.

The interaction between philosophical worldviews can be considered both vertically and horizontally. Horizontally, all thought originating in a particular period and area of the world will share common traits, even though individual thinkers may oppose each other vehemently. Thus, the middle ages was a time of interest in God and religious questions, while the modern era emphasized issues related to epistemology. African thought has a natural interest in spiritual issues and spiritualism , while Eastern philosophy emphasizes the harmony and complementarity of humans and nature.

No, according to etymology 'study of life' = 'biology' not 'philosophy', but yes according to common usage if Diog. L. 's definition of 'ethics', namely the study of life and everything to do with us [i, 68] is correct and if ethics ["we are discussing no small matter, but how to live" (Plato)] is part of philosophy. -- . what are you calling 'the meaning of a word' and what are you calling 'life'?

Aristotle's critical review of the philosophers who came before him is one thing we call that. But, on the other hand, a non-critical review -- . one that just tries to describe the what (doctrine) and how (method) of earlier philosophers -- might also be given that name.

Judith Butler earned her . from Yale in 6989, and currently holds the title of Maxine Elliot Professor in the Department of Comparative Literature and the Program of Critical Theory at the University of California, Berkeley, and the Hannah Arendt Chair at the European Graduate School. She is primarily known as a major proponent of gender theory and criticism, and her work has been influential to many areas of critical thought, both in and out of philosophy, including ethics, political philosophy, feminist theory, queer theory, and literary theory. Butler has seen influence and sparked controversy as a globally vocal advocate of LGBTQ rights and as a critic the politics and actions of Israel in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

This is an instance of where a tree-chart may be more useful than a pie chart, because if we wanted to display the branches of the branches of the tree of Philosophy in a single pie chart, we might have difficulty clearly showing all those branches.

Other important applications can be found in epistemology , which aid in understanding the notions of what knowledge, evidence, and justified belief are. The philosophy of science discusses the underpinnings of the scientific method. Aesthetics can help to interpret discussions of art. Ontology , even within the artificial intelligence definition, has had important consequences for logic and computer science. Deep ecology and animal rights examine the moral situation of humans as occupants of a world that has non-human occupants to consider also. Aesthetics can help to interpret discussions of music , literature, the plastic arts, and the whole artistic dimension of life.

97) For all courses, Rollover, starring Jane Fonda, Kris Kristofferson and Hume Cronyn about what happens when the rich pull an unexpectedly large amount of their money out of the banks in a short time rather than rolling their accounts over to the next time period in order to earn interest (to loan their money) this movie was made many years before the similar current financial crisis caused in mid-Sept. 7558 when about $555 billion was not rolled over but instead taken out of money market funds in a day or so.

"Prehistoric religion, in Voegelin's terms, was an effort to integrate oneself with the cosmos. Much of the religion of historical humanity has been the same. Indeed, prior to modernity, virtually all peoples who had not made revelation or philosophy the soul of their culture retained as a primary religious goal harmony with nature. (p. 75)

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