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Argue whether parents should respond to their baby's cries at night or adhere to the cry-it-out method of sleep training. Research both sides of whether babies can soothe themselves effectively or if they need their parents' assistance in calming down and going back to sleep.

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Should people remain childfree? Answering this question, each person should clearly understand the level of personal responsibility, the desire to remain free in time and energy, and the need to devote personal life to children. There are many people who are not ready to this and they are sure that having children can only spoil their lives and the lives of their future children. Having set the goal to convince people that being childfree is a norm this argumentative essay has referred to three main reasons of why being childfree is a need for some people despite the fact that parenting is one of the basic predestinations of a human being on the Earth.

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To be effective,  an argument  essay must contain certain elements that will persuade the audience to see things from your perspective. Therefore, a compelling topic, a balanced assessment, strong evidence, and persuasive language are all imperative. 

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Barbie Carpenter worked as a technical writer and editor in the defense industry for six years. She also served as a newspaper feature page editor and nationally syndicated columnist for the Hearst Corp. Carpenter holds a Bachelor of Science in journalism from the University of Florida and a graduate certificate in professional writing from the University of Central Florida.

Evaluate the impact of a parent staying at home on a child's overall well-being and social skills. Discuss whether children and families are better off in dual-income households or in households where one parent stays home with kids before they enter school full time.

In an argument essay, you should provide evidence without providing too much drama. You ll explore two sides of a topic briefly and then provide proof as to why one side or position is the best one.

Research the financial impact of the family's decision, as both shifting to a single household income and taking on childcare costs can impact a family's finances. Discuss any psychological factors involved: Some parents may struggle to return to work and leave their baby, while others might have difficulty taking a break from their career to raise a child, and some parents may feel conflicted.

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Cindy Rowe is the owner/editor of Crazylou Creations blog. On the blog, you will find a little bit of crazy, and a whole lot of fun! As a FT working mother, she still finds time to create crafts, play around in the kitchen, plan parties and exercise. You'll find all of this and more on her blog!

I am bookmarking this page and considering it my Bible for the time being. I am so frustrated with my 7 year old right now. I (and the rest of the people in his world) cannot open my mouth without a big emotional argument. Crying fits over EVERYTHING. I am so frustrated. This is helping me see a lot of things I can be doing different. Thank you!

Once you have selected a topic you feel strongly about, you should make a list of points for both sides of the argument. One of your first objectives in your essay will be to present both sides of your issue with an assessment of each.

Evaluate whether children respond better to positive parenting versus authoritative parenting techniques. Positive parenting developed out of the concept of positive psychology, a movement led by American psychologist Martin Seligman. This method offers gentle guidance to kids without being punitive, while authoritative parenting focuses on enforcing clearly-established rules.

Parents want to encourage good behavior, and some may turn to incentives to keep their kids on track. Whether they use candy to encourage their toddler to use the potty or money to promote good grades in older kids, parents may reward their kids in a number of ways.

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