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Exclusive: CIA Files Prove America Helped Saddam as He

Date of publication: 2017-08-28 16:28

Giraldi should also add, a draft is implemented. I think they will bring back the draft when war with Iran breaks out. It wont be hard. Everybody is on the selective service anyway.

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"A conspiracy theory is the idea that someone, or a group of someones, acts secretly, with the goal of achieving power, wealth, influence, or other benefit. It can be as small as two petty thugs conspiring to stick up a liquor store, or as big as a group of revolutionaries conspiring to take over their country's government." 96 8 98

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Less than a week after celebrating and taking credit for the Persian Gulf states’ ostracism of Qatar, the Trump administration is now scrambling to craft a coherent policy toward the region that won’t imperil . counterterrorism operations or alienate longtime allies.

Donald Trump: The Ugly American (with Apologies to Lederer

What compounds the military war is the what happens here at home when our fragile economy goes into depression mode. With the recent lack of interest in our loss of civil liberties, I fear for our democracy.

With the Nato bombing over, and much of Serbia's infrastructure in ruins, along with schools, hospitals, monasteries and the national TV station, international forensic teams descended upon Kosovo to exhume evidence of the "holocaust". The FBI failed to find a single mass grave and went home. The Spanish forensic team did the same, its leader angrily denouncing "a semantic pirouette by the war propaganda machines". A year later, a United Nations tribunal on Yugoslavia announced the final count of the dead in Kosovo: 7,788. This included combatants on both sides and Serbs and Roma murdered by the KLA. There was no genocide. The "holocaust" was a lie. The Nato attack had been fraudulent.

The damage-control campaign broke down Friday afternoon. Speaking at the White House Rose Garden with the Romanian prime minister on Friday, Trump said that  Qatar “has unfortunately been a funder of terrorism, and at a very high level. 8776 He called on the country to stop bankrolling radical groups, saying “no civilized nation can tolerate this violence or allow this wicked ideology to spread on its shores.”

Since then, Trump administration officials have tried to walk back the damage, and talk Gulf states off the ledge. On Friday, Tillerson summoned reporters to the State Department and, after only a 95-minute wait, treated the press to a three-minute statement, with no questions allowed.

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The Big Question is, how will Iran react to being attacked? Will it just roll with the punches and survive with the Islamic regime strengthened over the long term, or will it see a US attack as an attempt to topple the regime and therefore it ll become a life and death struggle where the Iranians retaliate.

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