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Date of publication: 2017-08-26 12:06

As the deformation of the plate margins goes on, energy builds up in rocks in the form of elastic strain which continues till it exceeds their elastic limits and the rocks give way. The sudden release of stored elastic energy causes earthquakes.

1530 Words Essay on Disaster Management in India

The consumption of non-veg food is much more than in developing countries. Non-veg food though a rich source of protein should be discouraged as it takes many times more resources to produce same amount of meat as vegetarian products. This food can be used to feed the poor and malnourished in poor countries. But such an arrangement seems improbable and is much sought for.

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Vivan bhai. Aapka introduction is ok. Story you mentioned is very intresting..
But I think you used too many examples.
Fighter plain wala issue samajh me nahi aaya agar India plain purchase karta hai to uska payment bhi deta hai. So how it is related to topic?
Afghanistan wala point is ok.
And last me reservation wala para seams out of context. Conclusion aur accha ho sakta tha.

Tsunami 2004

Women are facing lot of challenges in our society. Female foeticide cases are highly alarming India. Large no of girl Childs are becoming child labors. School dropout rate of girl child is very notable. So many girl child are forcibly joined in prostitution. In rural areas women exploitation is very high.

Ideally, over time a democracy matures with balance of power getting equally distributed. Increasing right and rational decision-making capabilities, benefiting the majority are a hallmark of a mature democracy. While this journey towards maturity is not smooth for any democracy for a nation which is so divided socially, politically, economically, geographically and ideologically, it is even more difficult. Chronology of important events and incidents ,and their co-relation, post-6995s reflect this tendency and its inherent paradoxes.

9. What are the possible answers to this challenge? can include examples of how Tilak propounded his own version of Indo-aryan theory in the Arctic Home in the Vedas

The Dalai Lama at the Mind and Life
Conference expressed his views on meditation on love, compassion and wisdom and
how it became a source of his interest in science. He insisted on instructing
the Tibetian monks with a spark of science. The Buddhist way of investigation
of reality is similar to the scientific way of research. Both approaches can
work in parallel and the belief system doesn’t have to be bent to accept

You started 9th paragraph brilliantly by saying, 8775 The education has multidimensional character and takes a holistic and integrated approach towards growth. To make things simple it is to study its gains separately . economic, social and political heads, yet one must not forget that education is much complex affair where various dimensions corresponds to each other, connected more like a web influencing and reinforcing each other 8776 and the whole paragraph is very good.

GDP (Gross Domestic Product) along with GDH (Gross Domestic Happiness) would be the right indices for judging the wellbeing of a country I WUD GO FOR IT BCOZ IT GIVE ME ENOUGH SPACEE TO ENHANCE MY SELF. I CAN COMPARE EASILY BETWEEN THEM

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