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Alternatively, you can avail our IB Extended Essay Writing Service to take help for free in selecting the titles. After a quick discussion, we will come up with a few relevant titles for your IB essay.

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Each year, the IB gathers educational leaders, decision makers and practitioners from schools, universities and governments, as well as students, to discuss and develop ideas on international education.

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Our team of academic writers and editors offers free help with writing quality, well-researched and formatted extended papers for baccalaureate programs.

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Selection of topic is the first step towards writing the IB essay. Don’t rush and zero-in any general topic. Rather, spend significant time and conduct extensive research. Choose a topic in which you can get a lot of data. The topic must be relevant to your subject in the school. Online Curriculum Center (OCC), a key resource for educators at IB World Schools, has a comprehensive guide to the selection of titles for an extended essay in almost all subjects like Math, Economics, Business and Management, History, Geography, etc. You can refer the same and shortlist two to three titles and share the same with your supervisor. With the help of your teachers, you can finalize one title.

Typically students will be expected to choose a scope for their subject matter of the extended paper, and then develop the particular scope during the course of their research activity for producing the extended paper.

Easy questions (questions with pretty obvious answers) are not good extended essay questions because they don&rsquo t let you show off how well you know your stuff. You need to get from your Research Question to your Answer, but we need to make sure that we don&rsquo t simply jump from one to the other, without doing careful analysis. There are three simple steps you need to follow to make sure you do this properly. It works every time.

We have a brilliant team of more than 65 Support Team members looking after discussions on The Student Room, helping to make it a fun, safe and useful place to hang out.

To get from your RQ to your answer you obviously use models. But you need to use them in a particular way to show your thinking. Here is what you do each time you come to a model: JAM!

NOTE: All three of the styles above would still have a Works Cited or Bibliography section at the end of the paper, where all the sources are listed alphabetically, in one list.

There is a saying in journalism that goes like this, "Tell'em what you're gonna tell'em, tell'em, then tell'em what you told'em." It is a fail-safe approach for clear communication and basically what we&rsquo re trying to do here. You're building an argument. You're showing that your thinking process is organized and clear. And that makes it convincing.

You can also read about how the IB sets deadlines for the extended essay , find examples of extended essay titles from previous DP students and learn about the world studies extended essay.

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