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ICWAI (CMA) Result 2017 for June Announced – Check Here

Date of publication: 2017-08-30 11:01

Like we said earlier, there 8767 s no one answer to this question. Whatever rows your boat is just fine. You may say that you were preparing for competitive. Or, you were working somewhere. Nobody in the interview panel is going to judge you for the gap. What they want is a confident answer and rock solid conviction. When you ask, 8775 what can be my reply? 8776 , you 8767 re looking for a good excuse. And that 8767 s where the interviewers will shred you. Instead of an excuse, prepare for that answer that you 8767 re comfortable with.

Download ICAI CA CPT Question Papers and Answer keys pdf

Note : "Every effort will be made to assign the place of choice of the candidate. However, the university reserves the right to assign the candidate any one of the above places without assigning any reason," informed the official website.

Ultimate SBI and IBPS PO Interview Questions and Answers

Ans. Fiscal policy is a type of macroeconomic policy by which our government makes a strategic change to its spending and tax rates to influence a nation 8767 s economy. Just like Monetary Policy, Fiscal Policy is another tool by which country 8767 s economic conditions can be controlled.


I have passed my CA Intermediate examinations from Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan. I also worked as finance manager in local organisation for 5 years. I do not have any bachelors degree. Am i eligible for CMA?

Hello Stephanie.
I think that the 8775 You can gain your experience up to 7 years prior to taking the exam 8776 statement is wrong. Actually there is no time limit for prior experience, and the 7 year limit counts AFTER taking the exam.
Please check it out (my experience is 66 years ago, so this is an important issue).
Thank you!

Sir. I have completed icwai i have experience in chartered accountant i eligible for ibps so for finance executive help to suggest you.

But actually I haven 8767 t applied for IBPS prior to this one and it will be clear even by looking into my application form(in which this is clearly mentioned). So what to do then?

Sure Anoop, as long as you graduate from a university and that you plan to accumulate work experience before, during or after the exam. You can take the exam with no problem but can 8767 t call yourself a CMA until you fulfill the experience requirements. Regards, Stephanie

Ans. Treasury bills ( T-Bills) are the short term money market instrument (bonds) issued by central government through auctions. These T-Bills can be issued for 96 days, 687days, or 869 days.

Present your points as a  list  wherever possible. This will increase the chances of the point being read by the valuator. Number the points numerically instead of alphabetically.

I want to ask about my dilemma regarding the “Educational Requirement” criteria needed to sit for the CMA examination. I am a graduate of the following schools:

im not from a finance background though ive done cima partly. is it possible to get through these exams or is it too hard? can i do self study and where can i get the study you learn the basics from those particular texts?

Thanks for this post here. I am in a similar situation as Rizwan. I have passed 67 papers of ACCA and hopefully finish by December. I am doing my bachelors from a reputed university( Distance- Learning) and that would take another 9 months to be completed. So, I am planning to use those 5-6 months in between to get the CMA are a few questions to which i am unclear about:

Hi Sriram, no there isn 8767 t any certification but you can state on your CV that you passed the CMA exam. The relevant jobs are quite broad: anything from management accounting to external audit / financial accounting is ok. Cheers, Stephanie

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