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Coal is still the cheapest , most affordable & reliable energy source for power generation.
There are still billion people living without access to electricity, in particular for third-world or some developing countries.
Renewables are clean but unreliable due to its intermittency limitation & high infrastructural cost.
Coal cannot be immediately eliminated as there are no replacement yet.

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RP Siegel, PE, is the President of Rain Mountain LLC. He is also the co-author of the eco-thriller Vapor Trails , the first in a series covering the human side of various sustainability issues of energy (including clean coal), food, and water. Now available on Kindle.

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In this series sponsored by Procter and Gamble, we’ll explore what it means to practice “responsible forestry” and how trailblazing companies can lead the way.

Coals low cost energy is the only thing this country can afford honestly. Not to mention the thousands of jobs coal mining provides. I would suggest you come up with a cleaner energy source that can be produced cleaner and as cost effective. when you figure this out then you would also need to create as many jobs as youve destroyed. Then you could prevent putting all those miners families out on the street because you panicked over rumors. Truth be told coal is cleaner than some of these 8775 experts 8776 will lead you to believe. Before you assume that natural gas burns cleaner, I would suggest you do a liitle better research. China is in fact not the only mines using these new scrubbers. Many if not all US mines use them.

Coal 8767 s health care related costs run up to $.68/kwh, or 555 billion dollars/year (Harvard Medical School study). Its pollution causes premature deaths of at least 79,555/year (American Lung Assoc.)

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Coal miners are on the whole hard working, honest and sincere and have helped us for centuries by increasing our national wealth. However, given the serious negatives I described, miners should be retrained and rehired as part of a pivot to modern forms of energy generation.

Integrated reporting and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are gaining momentum. Join our half-day morning workshop, led by BrownFlynn, to explore the changing landscape for corporate responsibility and sustainability practitioners. [ REGISTER HERE ]

Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates want to get in touch with the common man. They've targeted a modest family of six, including a very grouchy grandmother, in this short film for Microsoft.

Nuclear energy uses Uranium as fuel, which is a scarce resource. The supply of Uranium is expected to last only for the next 85 to 65 years (depending on the actual demand). Therefore nuclear energy is not a renewable energy.

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