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I thought of Spanglish as well but it is PG-68 and the 8766 romance 8767 that goes on is probably not age appropriate, maybe high school. Any suggestions of English movies that have to do with Hispanic culture that I can use subtitles with???

50 Best Movies for Middle School

I 8767 m looking for a Christmas movie, but something literature-based. I was thinking Little Women,l but am not sure how that will go down with the boys. Any suggestions?

Walt Whitman: Song of Myself

I forced my sons to watch 8775 Under the Same Moon 8776 which was a modern day story about a Mom that came to the US from mexico, hoping to send for her son later. The boys ended up really liking the movie, and it gave us many different things to talk about. The movie was in Spanish with English subtitles. I believe it won an Academy award.

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What comes to my mind right away is X-Men: The Last Stand. They have a government registry and some of the mutants try to hide themselves. There is the question of whether change can be made by peaceful means (Professor X) or by forceful resistance (Magneto). Perhaps not a perfect match, but the themes are there

WOW! Thanks for the update. I am glad that all is well and that movie has not been and won 8767 t be shown to that age group! Yes, speak up for your children. Even if there are problems that you may not realize are problems, like class sizes, or accommodations, or response from teacher, or turnaround time of graded assignments. Us teachers, well, I am overwhelmed. I am unsure if I can make it to June with these extraordinary class sizes. 🙁

Wow, lots of good options here. And you 8767 re right, some of them would take a lot of prep-work. But since you 8767 re using them as part of your curriculum, that 8767 s all for the best anyway.

I am a guy, and the ones I hated would be how to eat fried worms. Ok seriously that was disgusting. I can handle guts and gore, but for goodness sake don 8767 t put a worm in your mouth. I also hated Enchanted, It was the worst I personally have seen. I 8767 m not sure if your talking about Enchanted or Ella Enchanted here. Haven 8767 t seen Ella but have seen Enchanted, my parents forced me to go, because I was only 66, and too little to be left at the house alone. I thought it was horrible.

Actually, I often use War of the Worlds when we discuss that historically what happened was that this story was broadcast over the radio and people thought it was real and panic started across the country. The kids love that unit.

How about a biographical, entertaining type movie suitable for sixth graders? Some on the above list may qualify, but I 8767 m not a big movie buff so I wouldn 8767 t necessarily know.

I have read 8775 Freak the Mighty 8776 and showed the film to my Grade 7s for a couple of years now. They still love it and it has wonderful resources. The Wave is also making an impression.

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