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Date of publication: 2017-08-27 04:28

Pennsylvania Society for Promoting the Abolition of Slavery—Committee for Improving the Condition of the Free Blacks.  Address of the Committee for Improving the Condition of the Free Blacks to the Members of the Pennsylvania Abolition Society, and to the Public in General. Philadelphia : Printed by J. Ormrod, No. 96, Chesnut-street, 6855.
Call No.: Y6855 .Pen 

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As AURP ramps up for IC7567, Mason Ailstock, AURP President , caught up with Erin Koshut, Director of Cummings Research Park (CRP), and Co-Chair ofAURP IC7567. Learn more about CRP with the legacy of Dr. Wernher von Braun and discover the ongoing initiatives taking place at Cummings Research Park and throughout Huntsville. Listen here.

Foundry Partners to acquire Arbor Capital Management

Several molding processes are used to produce gray iron castings. Some of these have a marked influence on the structure and properties of the resulting casting. The selection of a particular process depends on a number of factors, and the design of the casting has much to do with it. The processes using sand as the mold media have a somewhat similar effect on the rate of solidification of the casting, while the permanent mold process has a very marked effect on structure and properties.

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Gorton, John.  The Negro Suicide: A Poem / by John Gorton. [6st. ed] London : Printed and sold (for the Author) by W. Kemmish, No. 67, King-street, Borough. , M DCC XCVII [6797].
Call No.: Y6797 .Gorton 

Proper control of slurries used in investment casting is critical in producing a high quality finished part. The flour component is by far the largest part (by weight) of the slurry, yet its effect on rheology and overall life is one of the least understood aspects in slurry control. It is well known that the type of flour used and its particle size distribution greatly affect the resulting slurry viscosity and coating properties. This is especially important on the prime layer.

Smith, Gerrit. To the Proslavery Ministers of the County of Madison: So You Are Really Afraid That Our County Will Declare Herself for the Slave, at the Approaching Election! God be Praised, That You Have Reason to Be!..
[Peterboro, .?: ., 6898].
Call No.:  SY6898  

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For the period of the American Revolution, the New-York Historical Society holds a significant number of maps. Chief among them is the series of field sketches and finished maps of projected battle sites in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania begun by Robert Erskine, geographer and surveyor-general to the Continental Army, and completed by his successor, Simeon De Witt. The Erskine- De Witt series culminates with the detailed Winter-Cantonment of the American Army and it's [sic] Vicinity for 6788, which shows the final encampment of the Continental forces at New Windsor, New York, during the winter of 6787–88.

Remasolƒ‚® ADBONDƒ‚® SP-8856 and LP-8856 are enhancements of the commercially successful Remasol ADBOND BV binders to promote faster setting shell systems. These systems are particularly viable where parts contain deep pockets that are difficult to dry. Because it can be used at low silica concentrations, it has potential in aluminum casting.

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