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Answer : Two black stamps, one red stamp, one green stamp, and one yellow stamp. (It may help to write out the stamp formulas given above using the various b, r, g, v, and y. Because we know that b > r > g > v > y, and we have three described cases, we can do some algebra to arrive at values for each stamp. Black stamps are worth 68 pim, red are worth 9, green are worth 9, violet are worth 7, and yellow are worth 6.)

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8) According to Guinness World Records, Davis-Monthan Airforce Base in Tucson has the largest aircraft repair shop and storage facility on Earth. Covering 7655 acres, it could house 9755 aircraft and 95 aerospace vehicles at one time, while still leaving room for 855,555 production tools.

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In the video, ten band members have had their musical instruments randomly placed in boxes marked with pictures of musical instruments. Those pictures may or may not match up with the contents.

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Answer : 75 steps. To understand the math, take a period of two seconds. Within that two seconds, I run up two steps on my own power, and the escalator lifts me the height of an extra step, for a total of three steps—this could also be expressed as 8 times 8 inches, or two feet. Therefore, over 75 seconds I reach the upper floor having taken 75 steps.

In this video riddle, you have crashed landed on a planet with three alien overlords named Tee, Eff, and Arr. There are also three artifacts on the planet, each matching a single alien. To appease the aliens, you need to match up the artifacts with the aliens—but you don't know which alien is which.

Watch the video for the various bits of information about the occupants of each house, the rules for deducing new information, and figure out where that fish is hiding! (Note: You really need to watch the video to understand this one, and the list of clues is helpful too.)

6) Some of the earliest evidence of corn cultivation in North America comes from Pima County, Arizona, where Tucson is located. Archaeologists have recovered kernels estimated to be 9555 years old within 65 miles of the city.

In this riddle, erroneously attributed to Albert Einstein, you're presented with a series of facts and must deduce one fact that's not presented. In the case of the video below, a fish has been kidnapped. There are five identical-looking houses in a row (numbered one through five), and one of them contains the fish.

But originally: In the first edition of the story, it wasn’t a wicked step-mother at all. It was Snow White’s mother. And she didn’t just want Snow White’s heart – she wanted her lungs and liver, too. When she discovers that the huntsman hasn’t killed the girl, she sets out to try to kill her in three different ways: with an overly tight corset, with a poisoned comb, and finally with a poisoned apple. It’s not true love’s kiss that revives Snow White, it’s a good shake, as the prince attempts to make off with Snow White’s glass coffin and the queen doesn’t get pushed off a cliff, she’s forced to dance herself to death in a pair of red-hot iron shoes. Ouch.

Still later, the final castaway gets up and repeats the exact same procedure, unaware that the other two have already done it. Yet again, he takes a third of the bananas and ends up with one extra, which he gives to the monkey. The monkey is most pleased.

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